Please find below other waste management services the Recycler offers or is currently researching:


The Recycler has recently finished a research paper on using non-recyclable waste for energy. We should have a pilot project set up for the beginning of 2016. We hope to be able to offer a zero waste to landfill option in the future where the recyclables are taken out for recycling, the organic waste is used for bio-gas, composting or insect feed and everything that is left is used for energy capture.

Waste-water treatment

The Recycler has linked up with a local company to offer small, medium and large scale solutions for waste-water. The company has already implemented multiple waste-water treatment plants in Tanzania with many satisfied customers. Contact us to set up a meeting. We are also researching the potential cleaning solutions of certain types of mushrooms.


We have done extensive research for bio-gas options and are currently putting together a proposal to take this further in order to put a large-scale bio-gas plant near Dar es Salaam that would take in organic waste and convert it to energy. We have access to over 400 tons of organic waste per day, and believe we could produce around 5 MWs.

Electronic Waste

The Recycler has recently started taking E-waste. Contact us for more information.

Insect-derived Protein

The Recycler currently has a pilot project in Dar es Salaam that uses native insects to eat organic waste. These insects are then dried out to be used as feed. We have finished are preliminary studies are excited to be scaling up! For more information click here.