Below are some recent press articles about the Recycler.


By Sam Floy - March 22nd 2017
The Recycler's Managing Director was interviewed for a podcast with The East African Business Podcast! Check it out!

How Cities' most underserved neighborhoods are making themselves more resilient
By CO.DESIGN - November 2nd 2016
As the aftermath of disasters that have been fueled by climate change—like hurricanes Katrina and Sandy or flooding in Southeast Asia—resiliency has emerged as one of the greatest urban design challenges to face the 21st century...

Kurejereza taka ni utajiri uliojificha nchini
By MTANZANIA - October  28th 2016
Kampuni ya kurejereza taka ya Recycler Tanzania, inatarajia kuanza uzalishaji wa funza kwa kutumia mabaki ya taka ya vyakula na mimea. Funza hao wana protini kwa wingi  kuliko dagaa hutumika kama chakula cha mifugo ikiwemo kuku, nguruwe, samaki na viumbe vingine...

Red N White Goes green
By Dar Post - May 30th 2016
If you needed an excuse to drink more wine, this is it. Nakumatt supermarket in Mlimani has teamed up with one of Tanzania’s largest wine importers, Red ‘N White, to offer a 20 percent discount on purchases of Pearly Bay wine when a customer brings in any empty wine bottles...

Tanzania Grapples with E-waste Management
By The Guardian - April 9th 2016
The number of Tanzanians suffering from cancer, respiratory illnesses and reproductive problems is likely to shoot up as a result of poor management of waste in electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), or e-waste, it has been revealed.

The Heroes of Dar es Salaam :  The Trash Bearers
By The Citizen - March  20th 2016
Dar es Salaam is both among the fastest growing and dirtiest cities in the world, and it produces thousands of tons of waste every day. Informal waste pickers relieve the city of plastic trash and carry the leftovers of a booming city on their back.{...}

Dar Recycler wins Africa's top award
By The Guardian - March  5th 2016
The Recycler, a firm that offers professional waste management and recycling solutions for waste streams in Tanzania, has won the 2016 Sankalp Africa Awards top prize after beating more than 250 enterprises from across Africa[...]

Dar UN Food Agency turning rubbish to gold
By The Citizen - January 26th 2016
The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in Tanzania has responded to a call to action on cleaning up the country, and in the past eight months has recycled over 2,200 kilograms of waste, officials have said. And nearly one tonne of the over 2,200 kilograms of the world's largest humanitarian agency in Dar es Salaam has managed to recycle was white paper, equivalent to saving over 17 trees. [...]

East AFrican Tech Start-up make final of Sankalp Awards
By Disrupt Africa - January 19th 2016
A number of East African tech startups have been named as finalists for this year’s edition of the Sankalp Award, which will offer winners access to Intellecap’s group of investors and ongoing support. The winners of the Sankalp Award will be announced at the Sankalp Africa Summit on February 25, with the 13 finalists having been selected from 500 applicants. [...]

Waste is not just waste anymore
By Darpost - January 8th 2016
The Recycler Tanzania started business in August 2014 with a plan to offer comprehensive recycling to large companies and set recycling collection points across the city. Now with over 25 different commercial clients and collection points the company has recycled hundreds of tons of waste. [...]

Dar Serena Hotel recycles 4.6t of waste in three months
By The Citizen - January 8th 2016
Serena Hotel in the city has introduced a full-scale waste recycling facility and in just three months the hotel has recycled 4,602 kilograms of waste. [...]

Entrepreneur Uses Maggots to Eat Through Tonnes of Waste
By CCTV - September 5th 2015


By Good Habari Tanzania - February 2015
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s capital city, is now the world’s ninth fastest growing city in terms of population and Africa’s third. With this rapid growth comes a serious waste management challenge. [...]